10 Different Slot Machines You Must Know in Slotomania

 Slotomania is one of the best slot machine games out there. It is available for mobile devices or if you can emulate it on computers then that’s fine as well. The other good thing is that Slotomania is free so if you’re not getting into it or if you don’t want to play it anymore, then just delete it. You can choose to spend some real money on Slotomania but even if you don’t you still get the same satisfaction as everyone else. When it comes to Slotomania there are different slot machines that you can choose and play. These are like the themes and gimmicks of the slot machines. When it comes to these slot machines, you can play a number of them. That’s because most of them are locked and can only be unlocked when you reach certain levels. There are over a hundred of them so that’s a good thing.

What you need to know

They are free so that’s another thing that’s good about it. You only need memory space since each slot machine takes up memory. You can just remove slot machines that you already own just so that you can unlock more. Now when it comes to these slot machines, they are more than just gimmicks. Speaking of the gimmicks they can have different themes and style to them. Like slot machines that have themes of fantasy, science fiction, mythology and many more. Aside from the themes, the reason why you would want to choose or play certain slot machines is their prize pool. The earlier slot machines that you can unlock have low to average prizes. Plus you can have a limit to how much you can bet. Think of the earlier ones where you can max bet around 250 coins and win as high as 4,000 coins. Then the later ones you can bet a minimum of 1,000 coins and win as high as 10,000 coins.

Financial benefit:

These are just examples but different slot machines in Slotomania have different financial benefits for you. The other thing is that they have different numbers of lines that you can win. They also have different mini games that you can play in hopes of winning more or getting some nice bonuses. That is one other thing that you have to pay attention which are the variables of the slot machine. Like in some slot machines they have gimmicks depending on the symbols that you end up. It is essential that you have a list or collection of slot machines that you like to play as long as you have them unlocked. The daily free slot machines go away the next day unless you already have them. Be sure to be mindful as to why you would play those slot machines. People go for variety and prize pool but some just like the theme. One last thing is that you may need to check the slotomania coins that you have before playing those slot machines as they may suck you dry.

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