Why Norwegian Expats Are Flooding to Get Payday Loans

A payday loan is a type of loan wherein you can borrow a small amount of money, which you can typically payback the next time you can cash in your paycheck. You may be asking yourself, why would you need to get a payday loan when you have got a salary? Well, there are numerous answers to that question. Unexpected events can happen to you, such as a medical emergency or perhaps you suddenly want to buy something but do not have the cash for it. In those kinds of situations, a very reliable source of money would be to get a loan. And many lending companies offer short-term loans called payday loans. Getting that kind of investment could allow you to pay off any immediate debts or bills, but you should do so safely by consulting sources like the following to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck and receiving complete transparency from your lender: KapitalKassen – Forbrukslån fra de beste og billigste. So you can get some breathing space, from a payday loan, if you are hard-pressed for money.

What do you need to apply for one?

And if you are thinking about getting one, you will be glad to note that these kinds of loans are quite easy to get. They are much easier to apply for than applying for a mortgage at a bank. The lending company will not even check your credit history if you would like to apply for one. A lot of people, who have got a bad credit history, often apply for payday loans instead.

You will also need to have a job or at least a source of income if you want to ask for a payday loan. And in addition to that, most countries require that you be 18 years of age to apply for one. You will also need a checking or bank account so that the lending company can deposit the money to you as well.

What is the catch?

Aside from having employment, a payday loan is just like any other loan that you take out. There is no catch at all; you will just have to pay back the interest rate that the lending company charges you for borrowing and using their money. You can easily find a loan company that offers a low-interest rate if you want to take out an affordable payday loan for yourself.

And in addition to the interest rate that you are charged, you will also need to pay back the loan in a relatively short amount of time. You are usually given a month or several weeks to settle your loan. That should be no problem with payday loans because the sum of money involved is relatively small, which you can pay back the moment that you get your next paycheck.

In this article, you have hopefully understood how a payday loan could offer very practical benefits to you. And you will be able to have a fast and convenient source of money if you choose to get a payday loan. And you will find that other people have also started to turn to payday loans for a source of funding as well. For a lot of individuals, payday loans are necessary to keep their homes running or food on the table. So if you consider all of your options for getting cash, a payday loan may be an excellent choice for you.

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag and Postknight Are Taking Mobile Games Industry By Storm

This febuary is a big month for the gaming industry, with the released of Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag and Postknight, it marks the potential of RPG games for the mobile industry.

Both games became a big hit within 1 week after released and both have top the 100 chart of both google play and appstore easily.

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag (SAO MD):

SAO MD is the most popular role playing anime games in Japan, recently released for the global market and in mobiles. It features various basic features of RPG games includes leveling, upgrading your weapons, hunting for goodies equipment.

I am a big fan of RPG games and i will have to say, this is a very good games, i have played it intensively using this SAO MD guide. The trick here is to know what you are doing, follow the guide carefully then you are good to go. Absolutely love this game, anime + RPG = my dream.


Postknight is another awesome game that i like so much. Was just released last week and it is already my favourite, it features awesome gameplay with beautiful graphics. The trick to Postknight is probably the stats building, which you can learn using this Postknight Guide.

My suggestion is start early with STR and VIT, then AGL for bossing, you should test that out yourself.

I kind of find it hard to believe that RPG has turned into such a big thing, it is now popular in mobiles too. Do you want to try it? Just head over to Appstore for iOS and Google Play for Android. Both games are available on both platforms.

Island Building and Guide to Minions Paradise

If you dig base- (or island!) building and management games, then this one is for you! Minions Paradise from Electronic Arts will surely charm you with its funny characters and adventures. Help Phil make it up to his fellow minions after he inadvertently and unapologetically caused their cruise ship to sink! Throw epic parties, concoct goodies and even build a quirky arsenal to complete those wicked missions! Here is our Minions Paradise guide to help you build a utopian island for your disgruntled yellow friends.

Complete missions!

Complete tasks continuously and keep your minions busy to level up and earn more doubloons! Also, you’ll need to work your minions in order to collect coco fruits and fart (swamp) gas for use in fulfilling tasks all throughout the game.

Collect doubloons and spend them wisely!

Distractivities like hitting piñatas can help you earn and collect party balls and doubloons. You can use these to speed up processes—which you don’t always have to do. You can simply wait and spend those important currency on something that is more important like unlocking new areas, upgrading storage, construction, and other features of the game.

Upgrade your storage!

Throwing parties for everyone on the island is a logistical nightmare! Also, remember that the minion population on that isle will keep getting bigger, which is why you’ll always need bigger storage. If there’s anything important that you can spend your doubloons on, this is it!

Level up!

Keep collecting party balls and throwing fetes that would automatically cause you to level up. Moreover, a speed boost will be in effect right after you’ve upgraded, so always take advantage of this perk whenever go up another level. Make sure to keep all your minions performing tasks when this happens.

Always have extra space for items that you collect and products that you make. Otherwise, you can always discard/sell things that you think you won’t really need or those that are quite common and easy to gather or make.

Fulfil requests!

Earn party points and special currency by fulfilling requests you see on the bulletin board. The special currency (sand dollar) may be used to unlock bigger tasks and other minions, so be very keen on completing the requests. This game is basically about completing requests, earning XP, levelling up, and generally making your other minion friends happy.

Play mini games!

Unlock and play the mini games to earn party points or XP to level up quickly, as well as sand dollars to use for purchasing and unlocking game features! Prepare to ride the waves and avoid obstacles, toss mangoes, catch colourful butterflies, hunt treasures on a topiary, and our personal favourite, slide and dive into the water!

There you have it! If you fancy a fun and somewhat wholesome simulation game, then this one is worth a try! Help Phil appease his fellow minions by downloading this game. Hope you enjoyed our Minions Paradise guide and tips. Don’t forget to comment below and share your game stats, achievements, and game secrets!